Sunday, May 24, 2015
Nov 27

M1 rider Stefan Brandow

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Stefan Brandow - M1 Urethane AM Profile from Stefan Brandow on Vimeo.


Aug 10

New M1 Flow Rider Ryan Timms

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Ryan Timms 2011 M1 Flow Rider from Ryan Timms on Vimeo.




May 24

Dave Lang 2011 Profile

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Dave Joined the am the team at this past bittercold, we are happy to have him on the team


May 11

New Double Ds

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White 59mm with Silver Print

Black 59mm with Gold Print

White 57mm with Blue Print

Feb 26

Julian Bah New Pro wheel Edit

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Julian Bah - Murder One Wheel Promo from Dave Lang on Vimeo.


Julian's Slimer Set-up

Feb 25

A Wheel Unlike Any Other

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Murder One Proudly Presents The TRINTY


M1 Trinity Wheel Ad from M1 Urethane on Vimeo.


The Trinity is the first truly innovative wheel skating has ever had. The inner core is made of a new high heat high impact material to eliminate core stretching, stress cracking, and breaking. The middle layer is a softer 68c urethane that will give the grip,feel, ride quality, and impact absorption of a softer wheel. The outer layer is made of our newly proven pro urethane in a 91a but is does not feel or ride anywhere close to that hardness. With having a softer inner layer it adds surface pressure to the face of the wheel to allow us to raise the hardness in the outer layer to increase the durability and speed of the wheel without compromising any of the ride quality or giving a hard feel to the wheel. Finally we have the most important part of the wheel, the side-cut technology. It helps the wheel by reducing the weight of the wheel by about 15% and allow the wheel to flex enough to allow the wheel to get maximum amount of grip from edge to edge.

Feb 25

Murder One at Bittercold

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The TRINTY will be sold at bittercold for 30$




Feb 24

Brain Aragon And Julian Bah skating woodword west

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Filmed/Edited Phillip Long With Brian Aragon and Julian Bah recently moving to cali, they are able to hit up one of the best skateparks on the west coast, Woodward West.

Feb 22

Franky Morales - Black and Yellow Remix (Remz OS4)

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Artist :Franky Morales
Song : Black & Yellow Remix
Directed By : Erick Rodriguez
Production By : Studio Center


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